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Consultancy, Information and Training Services

Consultancy services:

  • support of small and medium sized enterprises in multinational co-operation ventures,
  • acquisition of external financing of innovative ventures in the SME sector,
  • consutling, counselling, commercial and financial advice,
  • duty of contract engineer (use of Practical guide... and FIDIC procedures),
  • feasibility studies, evaluation of investment projects and analyses of viability,
  • consultancy in acquisition of European Union financial assistance (Information and Consulting Desk of the Lower Silesia Voivodeship Regional Operating Programme and Contact Desk of the National Service Network),
  • consultancy in development of application for additional financing of projects, project implementation and statement of final project costs, in compliance with requirements set out by the European Commision,
  • strategic planning and risk evaluation of business ventures; consulting in principles of operation in the standardised European market.

Information services:

  • law, marketing, finance, taxation, etc.,
  • available public assistance finance schedules, structural funds and principles of applying for grants, especially:  
    * selection of applicable schedule as a source of project financing,
    * range of investment process financing from a specific grant schedule,
    * conditions necessary for fulfilling formal and administrative criteria when applying for assistance,
  • external financing offer from banks and other financial institutions, such as credit funds, venture capital/private equity funds, equity funds, etc.

Training services:

  • education in various aspects of business activity and of using European Union assistance schedules,
  • organisation of seminars, meetings, conferences and workshops,
  • organisation of educational meetings and discussions that are forums for the exchange of experience and development of good practice,
  • training in impoverment of professional skills and enterpreneurs, local government employees, unemployed people and representatives from other social groups.
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