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Economic Advisory Service

DARR S.A. provides a highly specialised economic and business advisory service.

Our most frequent clients are businesses from the SME sector, in a variety of legal forms, and local self-governing authorities. We produce the material which allows the company to take informed decisions with regard to investment projects, while simultaneously demonstrating the means by which they may be financed from specific funding sources.

Our economic and business advisory service includes:

  • compiling full and complete applications to European Union programmes (structural funds), for capital grants for the implementation of projects at the planning stage,
  • drawing up business plans,
  • creating strategies for business enterprise development,
  • evaluating a business enterprise's current status,
  • developing plans for business enterprise restructuring,
  • developing innovative projects within the framework of Public Private Partnerships,
  • assessing the value of a business enterprise or project,
  • other studies, projects and advisory activities.


The most frequent work we undertake in this area deals with funding and grant applications and feasibility studies for investment projects, together with other documents as required by the funding bodies. Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. prepares applications in accordance with the rules set out in the programme documents and on the basis of the practical experience we have developed over many years of work in the field. We also provides services in managing grants and funding once they have been obtained, by supervising both the implementation of particular investment projects and the related accounting procedures, carrying them out in conjunction with the institution initiating the project.


Apart from the legal issues, the organisation, the management and the technical and technological aspects of successfully launching a business enterprise or a project, there is one area of particular importance when compiling a business plan; the marketing plan, which should:

  • specify exactly the concept as to how the project will work on the market,
  • identify the market position, the closest competition and the steps to be taken in order to gain the advantage,
  • set out the sales plan and the programme for establishing prices,
  • define the mission and the development strategy for the project, the programmes connected with the product and the product's promotion.

The financial analysis of a business enterprise or project details:

  • the economic operations of the business enterprise to date,
  • economic models for the business enterprise's future operations,
  • the working capital required
  • business enterprise and project financing (the need for funding and sources of financing).

Of particular importance is an analysis of the project's potential efficacy, conducted on the basis of future cash flow. This permits a calculation of economic indicators which is characteristic of the UNIDO method:


Employing the discount method allows for an investment project to be evaluated on the basis of the status as at the day on which a decision is to be taken regarding involvement in a project's implementation. In order to obtain a fuller picture not only of changes to the business enterprise's operations over time, but also of financial changes achieved as a result phenomena occurring in its surroundings, analyses are conducted on every occasion where there is cause for uncertainty. The study examines profitability thresholds for the greater part of the company's production, the utilisation of production capacity and individual product prices.


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