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Application of the Public Procurement Law

We offer advisory services to in the application of the Public Procurement Law to entities assigning public procurement orders under the strength of the law, or allocating funds obtained from the European Union, to Commissioning Authorities and companies who wish to win public tenders or to apply for the assignment of public procurement orders in non-tendered procedures and to Contractors (Tendering Bodies).

We offer Contracting Authorities:

  • a comprehensive service in the preparation and conducting of procedures
  • the preparation and evaluation of the Terms of Reference; contracts, announcements, the settlement of disputes, explanation for tenderers, the application to the Chair of the Public Procurement Office,
  • the drawing up of internal organisational documentation; the instructions for the allocation of public procurement orders, the regulations for the Tender Board, the allocation plan for public procurement orders and the annual report,
  • participation in the procedure in the capacity of procurement expert,
  • internal inspection of procedural documentation, that is, an internal audit of the correctness with which procurement orders are allocated,
  • representing the party before the National Chamber of Appeals at the district court,
  • preparing evaluations and explanations; providing legal advice.

We offer Contractors:

  • an analysis of the terms of Reference, announcements, the explanation for tenderers and other documents, as well as the actions of the Commissioning Authority with reference to intervention and/or the lodging of a protest,
  • preparing tender offers, or verifying them with regard to the Terms of Reference and the laws relating to public procurement,
  • checking the correctness and completeness of tender offers,
  • the compilation of an expert opinion, examining and evaluating counter-offers,
  • the drawing up of protests, appeals or complaints for adjudication by the National Chamber of Appeals at the District Court,
  • representing the party before the National Chamber of Appeals at the district court,
  • the provision of an advisory service in relation to the actions of the Commissioning Authority, the Contractor and other participants in the tendering procedure.

The foregoing catalogue gives an example of the services we offer. In every instance, the scope of the services to be provided is agreed with the client and we adapt to their requirements. We also organise ‘advisory and consultancy meetings' at the client's offices.

The benefits provided by our services:

  • a reduction in the costs of allocation orders or preparing tenders, as there is no need to employ additional staff,
  • the correct conducting of the procedure,
  • the correct drawing up and submission of the tender,
  • model tender documentation,
  • compliance with the time limits set for the tender.



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