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Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network has been founded on the basis of the Euro Info Centre network and the Innovation Relay Centres which have existed to date.

The network offers entrepreneurs services in the following areas:

* information with regard to European Union law, policies and programmes,
* the development of cooperation between business entities, including international cooperation,
* the stimulation of innovative potential, transfer technology and the transfer of knowledge within business enterprises,
* facilitating SMBs' participation in the 7th Framework Programme for research and technological development.

In Poland, the network's centres will be grouped into four consortia which, between them, will cover the entire country. The consortia will be comprised of 30 specialised centres operating on the ‘No wrong door' principle.



Information and advice regarding the operations of the Internal Market, including:

* European Union law concerning:
* health and safety at work,
* energy,
* competition,
* consumer protection,
* environmental protection,
* tax and customs tariffs,
* flow of goods, including quality systems, standardisation and certificates,
* the provision of services, including trans-border provision,
* the common currency; the Euro,
* establishing a business enterprise,
* employment and social issues,
* IT communities;
* business enterprise financing
* EU and national research and development initiatives
* analyses of given countries or markets
* public tenders in European institutions;

Acting as an intermediary in the submission of comments and reservations with regard to the operation of the Internal Market:

* the registration of submissions regarding the improper application of EU and national law on the SMB Feedback mechanism database,
* the forwarding of opinions regarding the impact of EU and national law on operations in the SMB sector;

Support in the development of trans-border cooperation:

* registering of partner searches for joint trading, cooperation and so forth on the BUSINESS CO-OPERATION DATABASE
* circulating the profiles of foreign countries seeking partners for joint trading, cooperation and so forth among Polish companies
* organising national meetings and travelling business and economic missions
* support in the negotiation and signing of international agreements on joint trading, cooperation and so forth.


Information and advice regarding the utilisation of research for the development of innovation in business enterprises:

* assisting companies in gaining access to, and utilising, the region's research potential,
* support during the commercialisation of research results,
* linking research partners with manufactures and business institutions;

Acting in an advisory and intermediary capacity regarding transfer technology and the building of cooperation between entities supporting the development of innovation:

* company visits,
* assisting in the evaluation and preparation of an appropriate technological profile,
* publishing and promoting the technological offers of Polish business enterprises,
* organising international meetings regarding technological cooperation,
* hosting foreign business and economic missions,
* organising business, economic and sectoral missions abroad,
* organising cooperation meetings during major international trade fairs,
* assisting in the finalisation of international transfer technology agreements; support during the business negotiation process;

Stimulating company development by example and improved access to innovation:

* organising study visits abroad,
* organising issue-based and benchmarking seminars,
* conducting technology audits from the innovation aspect,
* observing the market and searching out technology,
* assisting in the development of technological strategies in young and start-up companies,
* training in innovative management methods,
* support in organising visits from foreign experts;

The promotion of other networks acting in support of the development of innovation in Europe:

* undertaking joint operations, at an international level, with other organisations supporting the development of business enterprise and innovative projects in Europe.


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