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As an institution providing regional support, we are highly competent and skilled in the allocation of European and international funds to the financing of economic and business enterprises.

DARR SA specialises in the following areas:

  • obtaining support resources within the framework of European Regional Programmes and managing the use of these resources through the supervision of regional project implementation, including infrastructure and development projects, training programmes, consultancies and so forth,
  • business consultations and economic and financial advisory services,
  • regional restructuring, construction of regional and local development strategies,
  • education in various areas of economic and business activities,
  • business restructuring and the creation of new economic initiatives,
  • the evaluation of investment projects and the analysis of their feasibility,
  • application, implementation, and accounting procedures, in accordance with European Union requirements,
  • strategic planning and risk assessment for business and economic enterprises,
  • the promotion of the products of regional business enterprises both nationally and abroad,
  • the collection, storage and provision of business information.

Our offer is addressed primarily to business enterprises and entrepreneurs, as well as to local self-governing authorities: communes, districts and voivodships.

Services for business enterprises and entrepreneurs: we operate as both an independent company specialising in economic advisory and standard consultancy services and as a company operating in conjunction with other entities as a consortia member.

In addition, within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network, we offer specialised advisory services dealing with the principles for operating on the unified European market and the requirements resulting from the necessity of preparing Polish business enterprises to compete on the European Union market.

Services for local self-governing authorities: the preparation of applications to pre-accession programmes offering funds for the implementation of infrastructure projects, the preparation of tender documents, the terms of reference, the conducting of tenders for the selection of contractors and suppliers, as well as fulfilling the functions of project engineer, applying both the "Practical Guide" and FIDIC procedures.


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